Never Take For Granted

See the photo of me, in front of the U.S. Capitol to which I traveled during my Wall Street career. As the industry I covered was Electric Utilities, I had several occasions to visit with Industry regulators as well as Gov't officials (including Senators) regarding regulations that would affect a given project. Given the recent insurrection and events at the US Capitol, I thought it fitting, again proving how we ALL take things (including our Democracy) for granted.

Why do you need Never Take for Granted?

‘Never Take for Granted’ is an inspirational memoir based on my near-death accident. I suffered a broken skull and Traumatic Brain Injury which took 9 years, 19 surgeries, and countless hours of PT and OT for me to fully recover physically. Amazingly, all my cognitive abilities remained intact which I credit God, my phenomenal Neurosurgeon, and an amazing Critical Care nursing team for this miraculous recovery. 

My memoir chronicles my early life, my 25-year marriage, 30 years on Wall Street, and travels throughout most of the US and some of Europe. During this time, I struggled with a nearly debilitating dependency on alcohol. My drive to appear perfect mixed with the high-pressure world of Hedge Funds eventually brought me to a breaking point that initiated this near-death accident.

This accident sparked an epiphany that opened my eyes to the people and things I had once taken for granted. I am now grateful for this experience because the realization that came from it prompted my rise from the ashes of a ruined life (that needed changing), which brought me back to God and finally ended my dependency on alcohol. (now, nearly 10 years ago).

The incidence of COVID 19 provided proof that we ALL take things or people for granted.  For both my personal story and the global Pandemic, all our hope hinges on the development of an Attitude of Gratitude.

The sum of my personal experience along with the global pandemic of COVID 19 has brought many people to reevaluate their lives as I did, and I’m hoping my story and this book can inspire those who’ve experienced loss to also rise from their ruin and to never give up hope.  Through hope, all things are possible.

Note: A portion of proceeds from book sales will be directed to The Deborah F Grosser foundation for TBI research.  My foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt entity. Thus, all donations/ book purchases will be tax-deductible.

Meet Debbie

A 30-year Wall Street Industry analyst.  An avid age-grouper triathlete, including becoming an Ironman, in 2005. A near-death accident in 2011 nearly took my life, and it ended all my athletic pursuits (for now). However, I do plan on running independently again and I do plan to race again in the future. My 9-year recovery was cause for me to realize how much I had taken for granted. The global pandemic of COVID 19 helped PROVE we ALL take things or people for granted. My recovery journey made me realize how much gratitude was necessary for me to recover further. My path back to God was part of me developing an: 'Attitude of Gratitude'.

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